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Your tax-deductible contribution will fund our efforts to provide supplies and education to people living with type 1 diabetes in resource poor settings around the world.

Please donate today, and give all people living with type 1 diabetes, rich or poor, the chance to thrive into adulthood.


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Volunteer opportunities

We are thankful to our volunteer community and inspired by your willingness to advance our mission.

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Examples of the impact your support Gives:

  • $25 will cover education materials, such as medical texts and articles, for one healthcare provider in a resource-poor country.

  • $50 covers the cost for a Marjorie's Fund Diary, critical to monitoring and evaluating diabetes control over a one year period, to 10 patients in need.

  • $100 provides 3 months of internet access critical to the continued medical education for patients and healthcare providers

  • $250 provides basic medical equipment, such as a blood pressure monitor and height and weight scale, for a clinic in a resource-poor country.

  • $500 covers a year's supply of essential Hemoglobin A1c blood sugar tests for 5 uninsured type 1 diabetes patients.

  • $1,100 will provide a 1 year supply of glucose test strips for an uninsured type 1 diabetes patient.

  • $2,000 will supply a critically needed hemoglobin A1c testing machine which will service a community of 100 patients