Our Mission

Marjorie’s Fund envisions a world where all people with type 1 diabetes are thriving.

The mission of Marjorie’s Fund is to empower type 1 diabetes adults living in resource-poor settings to not only survive, but to effectively manage their diabetes and to thrive.

To fulfill this mission, Marjorie’s Fund develops and implements programs that focus on three areas: healthcare access, diabetes education, and economic empowerment.


To provide access to direct healthcare, diabetes self-management education and diabetes testing and treatment supplies by organizing clinics equipped with medical supplies and staffed by healthcare providers in a central location, facilitating patient and community outreach conducted by community health workers and peer educators, assisting with transportation costs and subsidizing purchase of diabetes testing and treatment supplies either locally or through international non-profit organizations. Thee patients with type 1 diabetes have the knowledge and resources critical to thriving with type 1 diabetes.


To provide critically needed diabetes education to patients, healthcare providers and support networks, including family and community,  with the goal of preventing health complications associated with poorly-controlled type 1 diabetes.


To support income generation projects, vocational training and partnerships with international groups to bring income directly back to patients, so patients with type 1 diabetes have the means for sustainable access to the diabetes testing and treatment supplies which are essential to improved qualified of life and longer life expectancy


Marjorie’s Story

Marjorie was 3 years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and just 29 years old when she died, having succumbed to diabetes-related kidney failure. Unlike so many people with type 1 diabetes in Uganda and other parts of the developing world, Marjorie was one of the lucky ones.

Marjorie had been provided with enough insulin and glucose testing supplies to allow her to survive. Yet, Uganda is starved for resources that would have allowed Marjorie to keep her blood sugar levels under good enough control to avoid diabetic complications. While she awaited a kidney transplant – a treatment she never received – Marjorie relied on weekly dialysis treatments to stay alive.  More often than not, Marjorie could not afford such treatments, and faced a preventable slow and painful death.

Throughout this painful time, Marjorie continued her efforts to educate both patients and healthcare providers on how to better manage type 1 diabetes, in hopes of preventing others from suffering her fate.  Speaking at various medical conferences, Marjorie recounted her story, and fought to change a system, which had limited her own care because of a lack of resources. Through this, “Marjorie’s Fund” was born and aims to improve the resources and education for type 1 diabetes patients in the developing world, and promoting research toward ultimately curing and preventing this disease.


Inspired by the spirit of Marjorie Namayanja:

She was an ardent advocate for better healthcare and education for type 1 diabetes patients in Uganda. Marjorie’s Fund was established to provide patients with type 1 diabetes in resource-poor settings, the medication, equipment and education needed to live long and healthy lives. Marjorie ultimately succumbed to her complications, but with the help of Marjorie’s Fund others need not.